What is inX?

inX is a phenomenal week of venture-focused events where entrepreneurs across all industries, venture capitalists and investors, and service providers of all kinds converge to inspire, innovate and invest. Respecting that time and opportunity to interact face to face is limited, the inX partners have brought together multiple events in one week to help venture capital and investors connect with scale-up and investment-ready companies.

Where and when is inX being held?

inX is being held June 13th through the 16th in downtown Indianapolis. Events will be held at Union 525, a historic building originally dedicated as the nation’s first industrial trade school and is now home to the new industrial trade: tech. The Biltwell is the other venue, across town, and nearly as cool. Mark your calendars now for June 11 – 16, 2018!

Who is leading inX?

inX is a collaboration between the Venture Club of Indiana, TechPoint, Launch Indiana and Verge.

How can I get involved with inX?

There are several ways you can get involved with inX. Through sponsorships, investing, or pitching your business idea. inX is all about helping you make connections to other entrepreneurials.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

inX is designed to help service providers, venture capital and investors connect, leverage, and promote their abilities to entrepreneurial companies. It is the largest gathering ever of start up and scale up companies in Indiana.

Are there multiple ways to sponsor inX?

Yes! You can pick a sponsorship package, or sponsor a specific element of inX such as a pitching company, a shuttle bus, a food entrepreneur, or in-kind donations.

Is there a way to stay informed with updates from inX?

YES! Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook! @inX3Indy and download the app from iTunes or Google Play.